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AR Laptops

In Blantyre, we have five branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with over 60 students enrolled in the Pathways Program. However, only one laptop is available, hindering their access to education.

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We're seeking used laptops to help these ambitious students access the Pathways Program and improve their prospects. With a laptop costing $400, far beyond their means earning just $1.60 daily, their determination is admirable but insufficient.


Your generosity can transform their lives. By donating a laptop, you empower them with tools vital for their education and future careers. These laptops will be shipped directly to our Blantyre representative, ensuring they reach the students in need.

For inquiries or to arrange a donation, please contact me at 435-671-9283. Your contribution will create ripples of positive change in these students' lives.

Jack Rose

Ammons Rescue Inc.

Phone: 435-671-9283


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